If you heard a fat lady singing, it was obviously for some other project.

2007 Legislative Session

The 2007 Legislative session is in full swing, and there’s at least one new bill that could have an impact on the Super Slab.  This has become something of a bother for some, and I’m staying out of the fight seeing that that’s the only way to not be accused from one side or the other.  You’re all reasonably intelligent folks, so you can look at the issues and figure out which way the wind is blowing yourself.

For the record, I don’t live in the corridor anymore.  I used to, but just barely.  I got involved in this because (a) I thought using eminent domain for private gain was wrong and (2) there were a lot of other sites out there giving the cause a bad name by suggesting violence.

Slab No-Sells

Robert Dougherty of StupidSlab.com has had a lot of success collecting signatures and affidavits of people pledging to not sell their land.  The Prairie Falcon Parkway Express is completely blocked off at some points in multiple counties.  Bravo!!

See StupidSlab.com for a map of people currently pledging to not sell their land to the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express.  Or to get your own letter to fill in and send to the appropriate people so that CDOT can understand why they shouldn’t get behind this project.

Head on over to the Not For Sale Letter at StupidSlab.com and fill that out.  Rob Dougherty is tracking who is saying their land is not for sale.  Print out the letter and give it to neighbors, too.  Sure would be nice to have 90%+ of the people in the corridor saying that their land isn’t for sale. The people in southeastern Colorado made a map like this to disprove the Army’s claim that many ranchers were willing to sell their land for expansion of Ft. Carson’s maneuver area.

Stay Informed

Stay informed.  Stay vigilant.  Stay aware.

Check this site and the ever-active Tollman’s ‘blog and StupidSlab.com for updates.