About This Site

This site is an attempt to get all of the different information about efforts to fight or make accountable the Front Range Toll Road and the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express into one place.  Seems like there are half a dozen different web sites, all with different information, so let’s get it all in one spot.  Because, as has been said before, “United we’re more than a sum of our parts.”

This site will not have any messages on it condoning violence toward Ray Wells or any member of the Front Range Toll Road Corporation or the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express Company.  Or any legislator.

If people would like to contribute to this site, that’s great.  Otherwise I’ll have to go out and gather the information myself.  And I’ll do that.  But I hope that some will contribute with credible news sources by sending an e-mail to webmaster@NoSuperSlab.org to let me know of what I missed.

About David Reed

For the record I live at the very edge of the original 12-mile-wide corridor inside of which Ray Wells and his Front Range Toll Corporation wanted to build their mystery toll road.  Mystery investors, mystery location, mystery width, mystery viability….

I was always pretty safe, being right at the edge, in hills, etc.  Now that the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express has complied with HB06-1003 and narrowed things down to a 3-mile wide corridor, I’m completely outside of the new boundaries.  So I guess I should just skip out and leave you people who this impacts on your own?  Nah.

Whether I’m directly impacted or not, the Front Range Toll Road, aka. Super Slab, and now the Prairie Falcon Parkway Express will affect my property values and my resale value and my lifestyle.  Even if the road is 12 miles away, it will affect people in my community, and I’m opposed to the reasons why and how it’s being done.  A private company having sneaky access to eminent domain…not right.  Okay, so that’s partially been fixed, but still…this thing is a land grab, plain and simple.

I’m not a lawyer, but I can do math, and Mr. Wells is taking more than he needs and trying to build in the ability to sell off assets so that the venture can be profitable.  The numbers just don’t work.  Fortunately, HB 05-1030 was defeated.

That defeat, however, hasn’t stopped Ray Wells.  He says he’ll keep coming.

If you need to reach me: webmaster@nosuperslab.org.