Note: The ones without e-mail addresses I tried to guess at and the e-mails got bounced.  I guess the representatives are either too ignorant to have e-mail or too cowardly to make their e-mail address available. Some of the addresses fail because the e-mails forward to the wrong place or the representative’s mailbox is full, too.

All of Colorado’s House Representatives (copy and paste this into your e-mail program’s TO field to e-mail all of them at once):;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

For phone numbers, click here.

Also, contact the Colorado political parties:

Colorado Democrats Contact Page
Colorado Republicans Contact Page
Name District County Party E-Mail
Balmer, David G 39 Arapahoe R
Benefield, Debbie 29 Jefferson D
Berens, Bill 33 Adams R
Borodkin, Alice 9 Arapahoe D
Boyd, Betty 26 Jefferson D
Buescher, Bernie 55 Mesa D
Butcher, Dorothy B 46 Pueblo D
Cadman, Bill 15 El Paso R
Carroll, Morgan 36 Arapahoe D
Carroll, Terrance 7 Denver D
Cerbo, Mike 2 Denver D
Clapp, Lauri 37 Arapahoe R
Cloer, Mark 17 El Paso R
Coleman, Fran 1 Arapahoe D
Crane, Bill 27 Jefferson R
Curry, Kathleen 61 Eagle D
Decker, Richard D 19 El Paso R
Frangas, K.Jerry 4 Denver D
Gallegos, Rafael Lorenzo 62 Alamosa D
Garcia, Michael 42 Arapahoe D
Gardner, Cory 63 Adams R
Green, Gwyn 23 Jefferson D
Hall, Dale 48 Weld R
Harvey, Ted 43 Douglas R
Hefley, Lynn Christian 20 El Paso R
Hodge, Mary 30 Adams D
Hoppe, Diane 65 Logan R
Jahn, Cheri 24 Jefferson D
Judd, Joel 5 Denver D
Kerr, James E “Jim” 28 Jefferson R
King, Keith 21 El Paso R
Knoedler, Matt 22 Jefferson R
Larson, Mark 59 Archuleta R
Lindstrom, Gary M 56 Eagle D