Many things are flying around about NRLL and their attempts to buy up land along the front range.

NRLL is a private land speculation company out of Irvine, CA, that buys up land in many locations through direct marketing.  They send out thousands of letters, hoping for a bite.  They will buy the land — usually for cash — and then sell it at auction, evidently misrepresenting the property in the bargain.  Calling the land a bargain and selling to people sight-unseen who think it is a bargain.  Then, when they can’t do anything with the land, another subsidiary will step in and offer to buy the property for less than the buyer paid, and the cycle continues., also known as NRLL, lists properties in aging and forgotten developments….“It just seemed like something to start with,” she said of the 20-acre lot they bought from NRLL for $4,750 in 1999.  With interest, they paid a total of $5,608.  They thought they would have a place to get away. But much land in Moon Valley is in a flood plain, and after Mark Bernert made the 370-mile journey, he found himself driving through heavy spring muck, his wife said.

In 2003, the couple tried to sell the land but found there was no local market for it. No real estate agent would list it.

Finally, an agent said he knew of a company that might buy it for a reduced price: NRLL. “I said, ‘Wait a minute,’”  Norma Bernert said.

In the end, they sold it back for $2,500.

They are not a subsidiary of the Front Range Toll Road Company or working on its behalf.  They are associated with NRPI (National Recreational Properties, Inc.) of Florida, owned by the same man and doing the same type of thing.  They have operations in California, Washington, Florida, Arkansas, Arizona and now Colorado (starting in Pagosa Springs).  Currently they seem to be mailing to people along the front range, both inside and outside of the FRTR corridor.  I’ve also seen reports of them buying land in the Spokane, WA, are and in Kern County, California; Apache County, Arizona; Humbolt County, California; and Luna County, NM/

Some conspiracy theorist believe that they are a front for a middle eastern company buying up land for Muslims to use.  Sure.  That seems likely.  (groan)

NRLL and NRPI also run the websites and, both of which are registered to Rob Friedman of Irvine, CA.

Now, if people want to keep calling them to ask them about their association with the Front Range Toll Road Company, they may very well become interested and start buying up land that the FRTRC might be interested in someday.  You will help create the demand for them.

See The Santa Monica Daily Press here and an article on page one (continuing on Page 6) “Left-for-dead subdivisions: ‘Worst deal I ever made’” and on Page 7: “Land looked good on paper but not in reality”.

  • Left-for-dead subdivisions: ‘Worst deal I ever made’
  • Land looked good on paper but not in reality
  • One of NRPI’s websites.  According to most reports about them, you can bet that the lake is nowhere near the sites.